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Thrones! A Dining Experience has never been so Dangerous | The Earl of Doncaster

Thrones! A Dining Experience has never been so Dangerous

Friday 22nd June 2018 

"A dining experience like no other. Which house will you pledge allegiance to? You know nothing Jon Snow- the king of the north? The Lannisters - well watch your back or Daenarys Targaryen - last of her name, mother of dragons, breaker of chains. A light hearted comedy dining experience that puts you right in the middle of the battle for the Iron throne and your life! Be part of battles, photographs with a trapped white walker, strategise with your house to win the game. Remember... winter is coming!"

Join us in the Ballroom for a 3 Course dinner live show and Disco.


Please note this event is aimed at over 18's only, sorry for the inconvience caused.

In the Ballroom
£34.95 per adult
Start: 7.30pm | Finish: 12.30am 

For bookings, please call 01302 361371 or email sales@theearl.co.uk